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Your business has completed the project, you've issued the invoice and now you’re waiting to get paid. Whether you need cash for operating costs, equipment purchases or future projects, we understand how critical it is to have sufficient available funds. 


Your customer's extended payment terms are now delaying you from taking on more projects and growing your business. Instead of focusing on your business growth, you are worrying about collecting on invoices which could lead to placing your business under financial strain. 

Now more than ever, connectivity infrastructure and reliability is needed by consumers. Contractors and workers in industries such as construction, telecommunications, utilities, temporary services and supply chain are key in ensuring infrastructure dependability. It is critical that these businesses can carry out their work without financial restraints. 

Frequency Capital can help. By advancing up to 90% of the invoice value, we remove the burden of extended payment terms and provide you immediate cash flow which gives you the freedom to grow your business. 

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We understand that access to immediate cash flow gives you the freedom to grow your business. Frequency Capital provides you the working capital you need so you can focus on your core business, without the liquidity worry. 

We provide a fast, transparent and personalized service with no hidden fees. Getting the working capital you need is a seamless process. Initially, you will be required to complete a simple application.

Based on your application, we will discuss your financing and cash flow needs. The good news is that we are not a bank; we do not use your profitability to determine the size of the facility needed.  

You can choose which invoices, and what percentage of the face value of the invoices, you want to finance. Once you accept our proposed terms, the following simple process will be followed to advance the cash to you:




Greg Kinross


Greg, a Qualified Chartered Accountant CA(SA), has spent most of his 20 years in business in private equity and investment banking either in his own business or as a partner in an established private equity business, investing and holding interests across a wide range of industries. 


During this time, Greg also spent approximately 7 years in mining, energy and resources as a partner in a resource finance and development business. Greg has vast experience in deal origination, acquisitions and disposals, capital raising, business development, listings and the like, playing a strategic role in the businesses invested in. Greg has also co-founded three fintech / alternate lending businesses.  He is currently on the board of two listed companies, one on the TSX and the other on the JSE. 


Brett Stonefield


Brett is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience co-founding, building and steering businesses to success. He has extensive expertise in the fintech and lending space as well as over 17 years of international telco experience.

Brett is an effective business networker and relationship-builder who leverages his numerous contacts to serve businesses the world over. Having sat on the board of several companies, Brett is generous in offering his strategic insights, business acumen and leadership to help grow varied companies.

Valued for his solutions-oriented and proactive approach. Brett’s strategic insights, deep experience, and strong network serve Frequency Capital well as the founder and President of the business.


Neal Daskal

Vice President - Credit and Finance

Neal, a qualified Chartered Accountant CA (SA), started his career at an international investment bank’s corporate lending division, analyzing the credit quality and debt capacity of major corporates. Neal’s private equity experience has included overseeing the management of investments in different sectors, acquiring and disposing of companies and managing strategic lending relationships with major banks.


Neal has also provided strategic input and financial guidance to companies in need of restructuring, which resulted in successful turnarounds. Neal has also served as the head of alternative investments at a global investment firm, investing in private debt, real estate and private equity.


Cash flow convenience is a click away. Simply submit an application below and we will get in touch with you.

Cash flow convenience is a click away. Simply submit an application below and we will get in touch with you



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