Frequency Capital values our factoring brokers and views them as an integral part of our business. As you grow and build your business, we grow and expand right alongside you. You also play a critical role in your clients’ business. You help them get the funding they need to expand, to meet their obligations, and maybe even to keep their doors open. 

We understand that the first step to establishing an effective broker  relationship is to establish a clear understanding of what types of deals a factor company is looking to fund. Experience teaches us that sending the wrong deal to the wrong factor company usually results in frustration, deals left hanging or worse. This all means a poor fit that results in an unhappy invoice factoring client.

We are always seeking to establish and develop new relationships with brokers and cash flow consultants. We are focused on creating long lasting and profitable relationships with factoring brokers and look forward to helping you to solve your client’s cash flow problems.

It’s great to have a factoring partner who takes care of your clients. It’s even better to have a partner who takes care of you too. At Frequency Capital, we offer our invoice factoring brokers a competitive commission structure. We want to foster a long-term relationship with our brokers by providing a high level of service to your customers and a high commission rate that can’t be ignored.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you and your clients. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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