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Closing the cash flow gap and taking advantage of 5G infrastructure projects

Updated: Apr 22

Are you ready to take advantage of America’s telecoms and infrastructure upgrade?

Consider the following data point: “5G is expected to be the fastest deployed mobile communication technology in history and is forecast to cover about 60 percent of the world’s population in 2026.” That’s the remarkable claim made in the Ericsson Mobility Report published at the end of 2020.

The astonishing pace of 5G globally is already apparent in the USA, where impressive investment in 5G infrastructure has already been made. The trend is forecast to continue. GMSA predicts 48% 5G adoption in North America by 2025. That’s the second-fastest rate of coverage growth in the world, second only to Asia.

It’s not just mobile technology. With bipartisan support for aggressive investment in infrastructure, many US contractors are anticipating a post-Covid boom.

For contractors, especially for smaller businesses, these opportunities can seem daunting. They don’t have to be. Access to effective, transparent financing means even small businesses can successfully compete with the giants.

The coming boom is good news, really

The surge in infrastructure investment should be nothing but good news for contractors. However, for smaller businesses, these opportunities can feel like a double-edged sword.

After all, working capital is limited and clients are notoriously slow to pay. You may have the skills and expertise to fulfill large, advanced projects. But you lack the resources to scale up.

At least, that’s the conventional story. But it’s not quite right. Advances in financing, designed especially for contractors, can unlock the potential of smaller contractors to compete with large firms. In other words, smart financing means a more competitive business environment.

Here’s how it works.

Accessible financing is the key to opportunity

Suppose you’ve completed a project. There’s an opportunity to begin work on a new and exciting development right away. However, you’ve agreed to 30 day payment terms. You know you’ll get the money owed to you. But for now, you have to sit tight for a month. And because the playing field is so uneven, your payment terms may be even longer than that.

But what if you don’t have to wait? Imagine you could access that cash much sooner, and put it to productive use.

In fact, research shows that getting paid just 15 days earlier accelerates business growth, enables companies to secure new business and lowers the likelihood of business failure. And in a highly competitive business environment, those advantages can only multiply.

That’s where invoice factoring comes in. Factoring provides you with an advance on the money owed to you. It’s a simple and reliable way to secure working capital, without incurring debt.

Frequency Capital’s practical financing solution

Frequency Capital designed our invoice factoring service especially to help contractors secure access to capital when they need it most. It’s a simple and transparent way to access the cash owed to you before the agreed payment term has concluded.

We pay you up to 90% of the invoice value where payment terms are up to 90 days. The process is completely transparent, with no hidden fees.

In practical terms, that means you no longer have to be held back by unfavorable payments terms. Instead of fearing a competitive environment, you can build on your success and grow.

Get in touch with Frequency Capital for a financing solution that enables you to focus on driving new business

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